How do I enter the competition?

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Michelangelo Awards Wine & Spirit Competition 2019

To enter a wine in the Michelangelo competition, you need to follow these steps.

  • You must register on this site. Please use STEP 1 below.
  • The distillery, estate or winefarm will be registered with Michelangelo Awards.
  • You need to know the class of entry. Click here to see the classes of entry.
    1. The "item" (wine, gin, whisky or other spirits) will be linked to a class.
    2. We will need a picture, certification, description, varietal etc.
    3. Make sure you have all of these at hand before starting registration.
  • Once the wine is entered, you will be allowed to come back and edit your entry.

Step 1 To register, we will ask your name, email, estate/distillery name and contact number.

Step 2After registration you will receive an email with more you login detail and more directions

Step 3 You will be able to make changes to your estate detail, and also to the competition wine detail.

Step 4 Make sure to arrange for delivery of your sample bottles to our site!