Follow these four steps to enter the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards 2019?

Step 1

Click "Step 1" to register a distillery/farm as a Producer. You must provide the details, an image of the logo and the website address of the Producer, the details of a contact person.

The contact person will be provided with a username and password via email. This username and password must be used to make changes to the details of the Producer and add Products for the competition.

Step 2

Click "Step 2" to enter your Products for the competition.

Use the username and password sent to you after Step 1 to log in.

Each Product can be assigned to a different Product Owner. The Product Owner will be provided with their own username and password. This will allow the Product Owner to make changes to the Product.

Each Product entered must have a name, a class of entry, a vintage where applicable, a varietal where applicable, a WSR/lab report, a packshot, tasting notes and food pairing recommendations.

Step 3

Make sure to arrange for delivery of your Products to Michelangelo! Attach the printed Entry Form and WSR/lab report safely to the outside of the packaging.

You will receive a confirmation email once Michelangelo has taken delivery of your entry.

Step 4

Check that the details of the Producer and Product is correct and that you have provided all the required details such as packshot and tasting and pairing notes.