International Experts Rate South African Wines and Spirits as Top Class
Nov 7, 2019
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Aug 11, 2020

Media Exposure Infographic

Since 1997, the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards has been offering South African producers the opportunity to have their wines adjudicated locally by a highly experienced and respected panel of professionals from around the globe, in turn boosting the likelihood of additional sales and marketing success, export leads, and brand building. Today, not only is it the only international wine and spirits competition on the continent, it is also the largest competition of its kind in terms of market support.

The Awards were established with the objective of supporting and promoting local wine and spirits producers, however, the success of the competition and its recognition internationally has resulted in 12 countries from around the globe entering their finest produce too. Not only have local and international producers benefitted from being recognised by these illustrious Awards themselves, but also through the massive media exposure they garner.

Ancillary media bonus.

Michelangelo have commissioned their strategic Media and PR partners – Loudhailer – to conduct a independent media survey to fathom the extent and value of international ancillary media the brand receives.

In just six months (between June 2019 and January 2020), the Awards (including the producers who won and the advertisers and sponsors that support the competition) were mentioned in 123 pieces of printed and electronic mainstream media. Michelangelo reached 28, 183, 167 people – almost half the population of South Africa! What’s more, the combined advertising value equivalent (i.e. what it would have cost to place ads) equated to R 5, 073, 069.99 and excludes all published articles and mentions of the Awards in Air Namibia’s in-flight magazine, Flamingo, and the Michelangelo magazine.

Speaking of the Michelangelo magazine, the hardcopy version has a print run of 10,000 copies per month, and lives up to its tagline of being in flight, in room and in Africa by being distributed to the top South African and Namibian hospitality establishments, to all SA wine & spirits producers, and to the premium passengers of 17 International airlines and the private wealth clients of 11 banks through the 11 Bidvest Premium Lounges.

Thanks to QR code technology, the magazine can also be read online and on the go for free – simply by scanning any of Michelangelo’s millions of award medals – anywhere in the world. Michelangelo tracks QR scans from 95 countries.

The magazine can also be read on Michelangelo’s website where thousands of readers and clients spend an average of 104 seconds per interaction.

“We believe that promoting award-winning producers, at no additional cost to them, through our various platforms and via local and international media, helps to build their brands, opens new sales opportunities, and enables them to win in many more ways,” concludes Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards Co-owner and Head of Business Development, Mynard Slabbert.