Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

De Grendel OP Die Berg Pinot Noir

2018 Trophy Medal

De Grendel Wines

De Grendel Wines De Grendel OP Die Berg Pinot Noir
Fruit Wines, Flavored Wines, and Other Wine Types


Brilliant ruby red in colour, nuances of fynbos and rooibos on the nose supersede luscious black plum and raspberry aromas underscored by hints of clove, lavender and blood orange before an entry of tart cranberry on the palate is emboldened by fruity, structured pomegranate tannins which linger, begging for another sip.

The acidity driven elegance and mild tannins of Pinot Noir make for what some would describe as the ultimate food loving wine. Elegant berry flavours compliment game bird, chicken or veal, while gentle tannins and succulent acidity cut through richer venison, lamb and even spicier curried dishes.