Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Flagstone Music Room Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Double Gold Medal

Flagstone Winery

Flagstone Winery Flagstone Music Room Cabernet Sauvignon
Herbal/Spiced/Botanical Liquers (Cabernet sauvignon) Peppermint


At Flagstone we aim to make wine that respects our 350 year old winemaking heritage, while always celebrating the magnificence of nature. We want to make gorgeous wines that stimulate your brain as much as they please your taste buds. We are inspired by our country, our people and our winelands. That’s why we give our wines special names. Our Founder, Bruce Jack’s grandmother, Elsie Fraser-Munn was a legendary music teacher and performer. In her Music Room, practice made perfect. Patience, dedication and attention to detail are similarly required to craft great Cabernet. The music on the front label is a beautiful choral piece composed for her by the renowned South African composer, Peter Klatzow. Every year we court disaster with the weather, leaving the grapes to hang long past when it is safe for grapes to be out and about. We just pray each day the next hot, dry, north wind isn’t going to blast it flat and shrivel the berries beyond recognition. The resultant aromas and flavours of these heroic vineyards are expressed more as complex, ethereal summer fruits like blueberry, cassis and black-ripe youngberry. This density of red berry flavors is framed by herbs like basil and fresh thyme. Color: Deep purple color. Bouquet: On the nose blueberry, chassis, and ripe black plum mix with cool cedar whiffs and the faintest hint of basil – all wrapped up in serious, warm, toasty oak. Palate: The palate is all about chunky, chewy, magically integrated tannin. Luxurious deep-pile velvet fruit with mint-sprigged red berries and Christmas fruitcake. A blockbuster Cabernet.

Food Pairing: Rack of Karoo lamb and pan-wilted garden fresh spinach.