Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Flagstone Tributery Chenin Blanc

2018 Gold Medal

Flagstone Winery

Flagstone Winery Flagstone Tributery Chenin Blanc
Rum (Chenin Blanc) Molasses, Continuous Stilled, Aged : 9-15 Years


At Flagstone we aim to make wine that respects our 350 year old winemaking heritage, while always celebrating the magnificence of nature. We want to make gorgeous wines that stimulate your brain as much as they please your taste buds. Imagine starting at the sea, where a big river runs into the surf. You explore upstream looking for the source, the reason. A carefully crafted wine is a bit like a river. It is born of many influences, many tributaries. This wine honors that philosophy because a balanced, delicious wine is always the result of many convergent energies; the weather, geography and the winemaker being just one of them. It is how they come together that counts. Colour: Brilliant gold with green tint. Bouquet: Fresh peach, ripe apricot and dried pear introduce exotic aromas of this noble grape. Palate: Tropical notes follow through to palate with hints of stone fruit and vanilla, finishing with a well-balanced crisp acidity.

Food Pairing: A perfect accompaniment to seafood and spicy dishes.