Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Kintsugi Gin

2018 Gold Medal

Kintsugi Gin

Kintsugi Gin Kintsugi Gin


A uniquely South African Old Tom made with Cape Fynbos Honey. It starts with a delicious sweetness on the tongue. The middle is smooth with hints of orange and it finishes with notes of soft honey and spicy saffron. The smooth sweetness makes it the perfect compliment to a tonic that is lower in sugar. Or make a beautiful Tom Collins with Kintsugi gin, lemon juice, a simple syrup and soda water over ice. Enjoy this refreshing, light drink on a hot summer’s day, garnished with lemon or orange wedges and cherries.

A Tom Collins made with Kintsugi Old Tom Gin is the perfect drink for a hot summer's day. Light, refreshing and not too sweet, it complements any course, from canapes to desserts. Alternatively, cosy it up with a good tonic and enjoy with some comfort food on a cold night.