Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Mutiny Rooibos Bitters

2019 Trophy Medal

West Coast Distillers

West Coast Distillers Mutiny Rooibos Bitters
Any product which doesn’t fit the aforementioned classes should be entered in this class. (99) Please include a detailed explanation of the content (ingredients) and production process of the product.


The content comprises of 8 botanicals in total, including Rooibos, Gentian, Angelica, Ginger and Lemon Grass ... to name some. All botanicals are placed in 'cheese cloth' and infused separately in Alcohol with an ABV of 40% for between one week and 2 months, depending on the Botanical. They are then suspended and allowed to gravity strain for approximately 5 days. Each botanical is then pressed on our manual 'wine press' to ensure we efficiently draw all the goodness and flavour out of each botanical. The individual infusions are then mixed to recipe, soft filtered and allowed to settle for approximately one week. We then bottle and hand wrap the labels, ready for distribution.

Our Rooibos Bitters is a world first, and we are very excited about it! The balance between bitter, sweet and Rooibos sends tingles from the palate to the toes. The possibilities are endless with this flavour enhancer. The recipe was developed with the popular Rock Shandy soft drink in mind, but this time with a mutinous dash of Rooibos instead of just the traditional Aromatic. Rooibos Rock Shandy has to be tried, but don’t stop there, add a dash to compliment a Caspyn Gin & Tonic and of course a large selection of cocktails. Food Pairing will depend on the drink made.