Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

1680 The Porter spirit aperitif

2020 Gold Medal

Premier Pure Fusion

Premier Pure Fusion 1680 The Porter spirit aperitif
Any product which doesn’t fit the aforementioned classes should be entered in this class. (99) Please include a detailed explanation of the content (ingredients) and production process of the product.


The Porter is a unique blend of ingredients. Blended with your pure spirits is honey, coffee, raisins and milk stout. Many say it has quite an angelic taste to it with a surprisingly acceptable kick to it.

The Porter has a strong and beautiful taste. Can go well after dinner cold on ice as a sipper. Or you can pour it over a dessert such as ice cream , chocolate brownie or even on or in your tiramisu. Better yet you can also blend it into your Don Pedro or Irish coffee.