Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Flowstone Snuffbox Gin

2020 Gold Medal

Flowstone Distillery

Flowstone Distillery   Flowstone Snuffbox Gin
Gin (52) London Dry


Botanicals Lead botanical is the fruit of the Snuffbox tree – Oncoba spinosa. The hard shelled fruits were traditionally hollowed out and the used to store precious snuff. Traditionally sought after as an edible treat, the pulp of the Snuffbox fruit has complex flavours of burnt caramel, vanilla, cacao and dark chocolate that carry through to the gin. Nose: Intriguing, fragrant, but deep and complex Taste: A stunning Gin - hard to pin but definite leather with a hint of cacao and coffee backed with vanilla Finish: Rounded and deep on the palate

Snuffbox is a beautiful sipping Gin. Delightful on the rocks or with a splash of eater. Blissful with Chinchona tonic. Unusually for a Gin Snuffbox is a wonderful foil to deserts, complimenting the full flavours of rich ice creams or decadent chocolate creations.