Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Welgegund Heritage Wines Cinsault

2020 Gold Medal

Welgegund Heritage Wines

Welgegund Heritage Wines Welgegund Heritage Wines Cinsault
Other Red Varieties other than above-mentioned classes (23) Barrel fermented/barrel matured/wooded (staves, chips or wood rice) 2020 and older


From a dry land bush vine single vineyard planted in 1974. Certified as a Heritage Vineyard. All fruit picked by hand into small crates. The grapes were chilled to 7° Celsius, with destemming thereafter. Cold soaking was done for 48 hours, before the start of fermentation. The wine finished fermentation on skins and pressed when dry. A large portion of the wine was aged unoaked, to retain fresh fruity aromas.

Serve a touch cooler than your usual red wines and enjoy it with a charcuterie board in summer, game fish such as seared tuna or sushi.