Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Harry non-alcoholic bitter orange spritz

2020 Trophy Medal

Doña Distillery

Doña Distillery Harry non-alcoholic bitter orange spritz
Neutral spirits based (71) Other (includes lemonade, cola)


Introducing Harry. Harry is a bitter orange spritz, a non-alcoholic version. Traditionally an Italian-style bitter orange aperitif, a spritz is mixed with prosecco and enjoyed with a splash of soda and garnish of orange. We have lovingly crafted this non-alcoholic bitter orange spritz with an infusion of natural botanicals and blend it with the perfect soda to create a bespoke hand-made drink. Harry is presumptuous and fun but also has a serious side. This fresh bittersweet drink has 0% alcohol and can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. Harry was specially created for the healthy, successful end enlightened individual who is challenging the norm of the traditional alcohol industry. Harry can be enjoyed directly from the bottle (straight up) or poured onto/over ice and garnished with orange. The perfect serve: Ice in a Copa glass 250 ml Harry Orange garnish