Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Alter Schwede Botanical

2020 Silver Medal

Blomendahl Vineyards

Blomendahl Vineyards Alter Schwede Botanical
Herbal/Spiced/Botanical Liquers (61) Other


Alter Schwede is an extraordinary botanical liqueur with a full body and smooth taste making it extremely pleasant for any moment of the day. The combination of over 200 different herbs and spices together with our premium grape base makes Alter Schwede a non-bitter alternative to other herb liqueurs. The recipe dates back to as early as 1648, making it a unique component to any drink. It can be enjoyed neat on ice, as an ice-cold shot or in your favourite cocktail.

A special herb liqueur with over 200 different herbs. This Swedish recipe is from 1648 and it is not a bitter but a smooth, non-bitter herb liqueur. It has a premium grape base.