Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Lourensford Limited Release Viognier

2020 Double Gold Medal


Lourensford Lourensford Limited Release Viognier
Dry White Wooded Blends (<5g/l or up to 9g/l if TA <2g/l lower) (8) Barrel fermented and/or barrel matured/wooded (staves, chips or wood rice) 2019 and older


The wine is perfumed with wonderful exotic aromas of jasmine, lavender, orange peel, hints dried apricot and white peach that balms the air. The pallet is refined and filled with quince flavours complemented with hints of saffron, nutmeg, ginger and cashews. The wine has a flinty mineral finish and well balanced linear acidity. This Viognier will benefit from decanting 1 – 2 hours before it is served at about 12 - 14 degrees Celsius.

Without surprise the wine does best with all things surrounding the orient, such as an Indian korma, and other mild to medium aromatic curries, briyani, traditional South African boboti and pickled fish. She echo’s the aromatic spices used in any dish and will even latch on to a bit of ginger. She likes a peach and pear chutney in a dish and has an intimate love affair with rosemary, so much so that, if you insist on enjoying her at all costs, you could manipulate almost any food, from meat and poultry to vegetables, by adding sufficient rosemary. The rich, sweet flavours of crab and crayfish will make her sing, particularly in creamy sauces flavoured with saffron. She is unbeatable with a mushroom or crab risotto and soup or salads that feature carrots and oranges. This Viognier works well with fusion inspired dishes, the sweet, sour, salt & spice that the Thai inspired palate is built on is something she balances with beautifully. Next time you find yourself eating from the orient reach for a bottle of this Viognier, you can’t go wrong. She also has a flirtation with salt and works magic with Feta and Roquefort-styled cheeses.