Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Musgrave Copper Vanilla

2021 Gold Medal

Musgrave Crafted Spirits

Musgrave Crafted Spirits Musgrave Copper Vanilla
Brandy () Pot still 100% : Age: No vintage or age stated (NV


Musgrave Copper Vanilla is a smooth 3 year old brandy with freshness and lightness of colour for an all day drink. The added madagascan vanilla celebrates the continent and raises the already present vanilla note in this smooth spirit. The vanilla is enhanced to attract new drinkers to brandy who can easily identify the vanilla and learn to enjoy this grape spirit at its early matured age. The light colour of the spirit is intentional to attract new drinkers.

Musgrave Copper Vanilla is beautifully paired with flavours of lemon, orange and anything that goes with Vanilla. It also is delicious with cheese, charcuterie platters and seafood