Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Oude Molen XO

2021 Trophy Medal

Oude Molen Distillers

Oude Molen Distillers Oude Molen XO
Brandy () Pot still 100% : Ages: 9 to 15 years


This deluxe XO is the pinnacle of refinement and luxury. A rare blend of the finest batches of spirit, hand-selected and individually approved by the Master Distiller. Every drop in this unsurpassed XO has been matured for at least a decade. An abundant nose of peach, litchi and banana, hemmed by subtle traces of ginger and coconut. On the palate, an orchestra of flavours. The fresh, tropical notes of the nose are repeated and balanced by elements that can only develop after at least a decade of maturation: dried apricot, tawny port and dark chocolate. The delicate, focussed finish underscores this XO’s intricacy.

The luxuriously soft mouth feel of the camembert cheese magically enhances the smooth finish of the XO Cape Bandy. The brandy in return unlocks flavours of nuts and spices in the world famous and truly decadent French cheese.