Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Bossieveld Mystique Craft Gin

2021 Gold Medal

Great Karoo Spirit

Great Karoo Spirit Bossieveld Mystique Craft Gin
Gin () London Dry


It's a great Mystique of the Great Karoo: how can a lowly shrub like the Karoobossie yield such richly aromatic botanicals? They grow nowhere else on earth but in this arid sand, and imbue the mutton of the sheep that graze here with a sought-after fragrance. More to the point, these are the bossies (little bushes) that impart their sensuous scents to the meticulous distilling and blending of the Mystique inside this bottle. Karoobossies are many and varied, each with its own regional accent of aromas. By combining extracts of plants from certain parts of the vast Karoo plain, the Mystique begins. It is when these local essences complement the more exotic, traditional gin aromatics, that the mysterious process starts to draw to its unforgettable conclusion: a powerful, aromatic culmination of sweet fruit and angelica on the nose, and a wildly unexpected explosion of vanilla ice-cream on the palate!

Savor with Indian tonic to reveal the amazing character of this gin.