Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Deep South Premium Vodka

2021 Gold Medal

Deep South Distillery

Deep South Distillery  Deep South Premium Vodka
Vodka () Other Alcohol Basis


Aroma: Clean crisp aroma. Prominent herbal nose with notes of carraway and cumin. . Palate: The palate opens to more earthy and grassy flavours and smooth dairy characters, with smooth mouth feel Finish: Clean long finish that does not fade Enjoy straight up, as cold as possible, with twist of lemon peel, or get classy with a Vodka Martini. Makes a beautiful Moscow Mule or an exquisitely balanced Vodka sour. This versatile spirit makes a smooth and tasty base for any of your favourite Vodka-based cocktails

Pair with savoury canapes, cheeses and snacks when enjoyed neat or in a dry cocktail like a Vodka Martini.