Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

African Dry

2021 Gold Medal

The Noble Experiment

The Noble Experiment African Dry
Gin () Contemporary


African Dry is a true celebration of traditional and African botanicals and pays homage to the spirit of Africa and her people. This uniquely South African Gin includes the classic dry gin botanicals and a selection of handpicked indigenous Fynbos from the Cape Floral Kingdom which are infused to create a classic dry gin with a twist of Mother Africa. Delicately crafted from a mélange of fynbos botanicals, roots & spices with Honeybush and the Khoisan elixir of youth, Buchu making its presence known on the palate. Time and patience have been called upon waiting for the delicate maceration of the botanicals prior to the master distillation which expresses the characteristics of the botanicals in the final product to produce a smooth textured truly African Dry Gin.