Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Cappupino Ccinotage

2021 Gold Medal

Boland Cellar

Boland Cellar Cappupino Ccinotage
Pinotage () Coffee/Mocha style (<8g/l sugar). Any vintage


After crushing the grapes underwent a two-day cold- soaking period and were inoculated with a specially yeast strain. The juice underwent a slow,cool fermentation and was removed from the skins while still fermenting,before wood treatment in charred French oak.Fermentation was completed on the oak,resulting in a gentle wood-tannin interaction.

The coffee-style Pinotage displays layers of dark prune,plum and ripe blueberry flavors with a prominent toasted French oak finish,reminiscent of Mocha Java ground coffee.Due to the careful extraction of Pinotage fruit flavours,the oak is well integrated and delivers a wine with a delightfully smooth and lingering finish. This unique and expressive wine is ideally paired with barbequed meats such as lamb chops,boerewors sausage and beef kebabs.