Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Solitude Chenin blanc

2021 Platinum Medal

Belle Rebelle

Belle Rebelle Solitude Chenin blanc
Dry Chenin Blanc (<5g/l or up to 9g/l if TA <2g/l lower) () Barrel fermented/barrel matured/wooded (staves, chips or wood rice) 2021 and older


A pale straw colour with a bright golden tinge. Citrus like lime and spice aromas such as lemon pepper and cloves on the nose, as well as a lightly wooded elegance with a mineral flinty finish. The medium full palate is loaded with stone fruit and baked pear. Layered with great texture and ripe lemons, which culminate in a crisp acidity and lingering finish. Terroir driven wines to be enjoyed with a beautiful rebel on your side

Being a rich and elegant wine, it will pair beautifully with spicy food particularly those containing some kind of fruit such as Cape Malay or other mild, fruity curries and Southeast Asian-inspired salads. Solitude Chenin Blanc’s mineral flinty finish is a perfect fit for mild cheeses like Caerphilly and white-rinded cheeses like Brie so long as they're not too ripe.