Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Cuvee Clive

2023 Double Gold Medal

Graham Beck Cap Classique

Graham Beck Cap Classique Cuvee Clive
Méthode Cap Classique and Méthode Ancestrale


The epitome of ultimate exclusivity and supreme elegance, this extraordinary Cap Classique showcases our craft in all its exacting and passionate attention to detail. The Cuvée Clive exudes polished poise, prestige and unmatchable complexity, with all the finesse necessary to make it the consummate partner to life’s more cherished moments. This benchmark Cap Classique is produced only in exceptional vintages and in extremely limited quantities, using only the highest quality juice (tête de cuvée) from the first ultra gentle whole bunch pressing.

The Chardonnay portions combine seamlessly to create a bouquet of rich peach, apricot, apple and citrus aromas, with alluring hints of spice and toasted almonds form the barrels. The Pinot Noir elegantly dances through these aromas and adds layers of complexity on the palate with fresh cranberry, pomegranate and spicy undertones. The palate is elegant and fresh, while the lengthy time spent on lees has created a succulent texture which lingers long after the last sip.