Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Blackwood Spirits Cape Kelp Gin

2023 Gold Medal

Blackwood Spirits

Blackwood Spirits Blackwood Spirits Cape Kelp Gin
Gin () Contemporary


This is a unique hand-crafted gin which captures the essence of the wild oceans that surround us. A key botanical is Laminaria pallida kelp, giving it a distinct savoury flavour and aroma reminiscent of a walk on the beach after a classic Cape storm. The kelp is harvested by freediving for it by the distillers. The unusual green/gold colour of the gin is derived from infusing kelp into the gin after distillation. The colour is completely natural and may vary in intensity from batch to batch. It may also fade slightly over time.

Excellent with seafood, particularly sushi and ceviche. Makes an excellent martini or dirty martini - the dirtier the better! Great as a G&T with brined olives and fresh rosemary as a garnish