Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Mahua Spirit

2023 Gold Medal

Alkohl Ltd

Alkohl Ltd  Mahua Spirit
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The Mahua Spirit has an exciting nose with some floral notes and a nutty quality. It is reminiscent of some Shochu with the delicate but pronounced floral and perfumed notes and vegetal undertones. The palate is refreshing and light with some lovely fresh vegetal quality throughout and a crisp sour note. First it is rich but it is smooth, with creamy mouthfeel and dries out later. Again not very dissimilar to a potato based Shochu. Delicate, floral but dry and pronounced at the same time with a long lingering elegant finish.

Have a range of cocktails on my web site however it goes really well with elderflower sparkling water or just a squeeze of lemon juice and sparkling water