Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Mahua Liqueur

2023 Gold Medal

Alkohl Ltd

Alkohl Ltd  Mahua Liqueur
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The Mahua Liqueur has a certain Demerara sugar influence and some fresh vegetal notes, followed by discreet floral, fruity and herbal scents. Honeysuckle and lilies, freshly cut cucumber and all sort of melons on the nose. It is big and rich on the palate but with the base spirit still present. Lovely to have a slightly more crisp, citrus. And vegetal zest balancing the richness. It is smooth with a touch of warmth and a nice creamy finish.

There are a range of cocktails on my web site however I like it on the rocks, however it mixes well with elderflower sparkling water or a squeeze of lemon with sparkling water. A gin bar has it as cocktail of the month here in Wales.....Mahua Mojito