Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Spirit Appertif

2023 Trophy Medal

Enyi Gold

Enyi Gold  Spirit Appertif


Enyi Gold is a spiced rum which celebrates quality rum made from molasses aged in oak barrels. Enyi Gold is first enjoyed with your eyes and strong amber tones after which it entices your senses by tickling your nose with scents of vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. As one initially tastes Enyi Gold the combination of the spices infused with the rum which provides an delightful, smooth taste while leaving a sweet and sophisticated aftertaste (while surprisingly not containing any added sugar). Cherishing the approach of traditional rum whilst making it enjoyable and accessible to all - Enyi Gold fulfils its purpose by bringing friends together.

Enyi Gold Rum is best served as a precursor cocktail to meals or to be enjoyed in decadent cocktails as a desert. As the base rum has traditional Caribbean flavours, it lends itself well to fresh cuisine featuring tropical flavours. Consider jerk spiced pulled chicken on a bed of soft tacos with a classic Mai Tai; or Cuban inspired smoked pulled beef sliders with a minty Rum Ricky. After a meal enjoy the rum and all of its infusions within a classic Rum Old Fashioned. Ultimately, the rum is versatile and accessible enough to be enjoyed with or without meals.