Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

Madge Gin

2023 Gold Medal

Stettyn Cellar

Stettyn Cellar Madge Gin


Smooth, gentle, frequent, refreshing and unique

The Gin was named after Grandma Madge the 5th Generation Botha She was known to make beautiful flower arrangements. On the label we used the flower Gladiolus Rhodanthus a species that only grows in the Stettyn Mountains – this also reminds us about all the flower arrangements of Grandma Madge. We also use the botanical of the Tortoise berry that grows on the farm, in the Gin. Tortoise Berry, or Skilpad Bessie in Afrikaans, is native to South Africa and found in Namaqualand, Western Cape, and Eastern Cape Coast. The Tortoise Berry is a striking plant when covered in its masses of dainty purple flowers, which turn into pretty red edible fruits. Chewing on small amounts of fermented leaves helps with sleeplessness. A tea infusion brewed from stems and leaves is used to assist with abdominal pain and tuberculosis. It also treats colds, flu, and bronchitis. The Tswana people use the root in a preparation for the treatment of malaria. The fruits are rich in Vitamin C and are quite thirst-quenching. See pictures of flowers and berries Grandma “Ouma” Madge always organises many family gatherings to ensure they stay together as a family.