Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards

The Phoenix Bryanston Dry Gin

2023 Gold Medal

The Johannesburg Distilling Company

The Johannesburg Distilling Company The Phoenix Bryanston Dry Gin


Like the phoenix, this gin rises to new heights of flavour and complexity. Handcrafted with care and expertly distilled, this bespoke gin celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Bryanston Country Club, home of the phoenix. Infused with the bright, zesty aroma of sun-ripened lemons, this gin is the perfect tribute to the vibrant spirit of the club and its members. Each bottle is made with sustainably sourced ingredients, and carefully crafted to ensure a smooth, complex flavour. Whether sipped neat or mixed into your favourite cocktail, this lemon-scented gin is a true reflection of the club's commitment to excellence, passion, and sustainability.

This delicious gin goes with anything, but in particular, we recommend: Spicy Dishes: Spicy citrus prawn stir-fry Thai green curry with lime leaves Citrus-infused chicken tacos with a zesty salsa Citrus Desserts: Lemon tart with a buttery pastry Orange-infused crème brûlée Grapefruit sorbet with a sprig of mint Light Bites: Citrus-infused hummus with pitta bread Lemon and thyme roasted almonds Citrus-marinated olives