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Rustenberg Stellenbosch Petit Verdot Rosé

2017 Gold


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Rustenberg Wines Rustenberg Stellenbosch Petit Verdot Rosé


Rosé was first made at Rustenberg in the early 1980's when the Rustenberg "Classic" was made. Petit Verdot was first planted on Rustenberg in the early 2000's and has become a staple in the John X Merriman Bordeaux style blend. Petit Verdot is an amazing variety to make rosé out of too. Typically having small berries and thick colourful skins mean the wines are full bodied, full flavoured and have a naturally bright pink hue. This rosé exhibits aromas and flavours of red fruits: strawberries, cranberries and red cherries rounded by a fresh clean palate and food friendly palate weight.

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